How to Control Munchies When You Work from Home

Fuck discipline. It’s a mare. Though I know it’s the key to everything that’s a battle between my mind and my body. In this life, you’ve got to figure out who’s in charge, and ideally, you want it to be your body, which is far wiser than your infantile brain. Ah yes, in an ideal world I’m all grown up and responsible but back here in the real world, I’m a slave to my base desires, all of them bad.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, called this the shadow self, and believed the only way to live a fulfilled life was to embrace it. My dark self has many desires, chief amongst them hash and the munchies. In other words, I’m a chain-smoker who likes to graze all day, made all the more convenient by the fact that I work from home.

I’d like to tell you it’s a chicken and egg situation, but there’s no doubt I engineered this life to be within easy reach of my stash drawer and fridge. Recently, I upgraded from a stash box to a whole drawer and am enjoying the additional space; it feels like a job promotion. I like to give my dark self perks, as without her, my creativity would be drier than a builder’s arse-crack in winter.

My dark self propels me to make all sorts of ill-advised decisions, but most of all, she’s hungry, can never get enough, always wants one more sentence, joint, biscuit or piece of dark chocolate. When she’s in charge I’m never too drained, stoned, or full to indulge her.

I’ve learned that channeling her resolve into other pursuits can be potent. When I’m at the gym, muscles aching so bad I can’t do one more set, I summon her, let her take charge, and am always surprised by her hidden strength. It’s endless.

My dark self is strong, and for that I am thankful. She is a well of dreams and illusions that are mostly the ravings of a lunatic but I’ve learned to listen, take note of the sloppy words tangled by her warped reasoning, and get quiet enough to ask why? What lies beneath the rage is usually a gentle answer.

So to you, I say, indulge! goddamn it, but do it in a healthy way.

Much of the fat stored on our bodies comes from empty calories derived from store-bought sugar sweets and drinks. Don’t bother telling me this isn’t true for you because it was true for me, and it’s true for pretty much everybody. But if you want to control munchies there’s a hack, and it’s so simple it will blow your mind.

First of all, make your own sweet treats at home with unrefined sugar or coconut sugar, and second of all, make them as fat dense as possible by adding coconut oil or butter. If you do this, I promise, you will notice real weight loss within a month.

For the last few years, I’ve been buying dark chocolate almonds at my local supermarket as a reward for my other healthy eating choices. My basket was all broccoli, salmon, walnuts, and nasty processed chocolates. Sometimes, I bought two bags. For a whole year, I swore to cut them out but couldn’t. Finally, I started on the keto diet and they had to go. Because I was already eating healthy, cutting out those chocolates was the most significant change to my diet. In two months, I lost four kilos.

However, I did not stop eating sugar or biscuits because I have a sweet tooth and constant munchies, so I need that shit. I started making my own, and because I’m on the keto diet, which is full recipes that call for either butter or coconut oil, it opened up a whole world of edibles to me that has been a further boost to my health. I can’t tell you how much mental clarity micro-dosing has brought me, it’s incredible. More on that later …

For now, my freaky friends, do one thing, bake a tray of biscuits. Try this simple recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

#fuelledbycannabis #ketocannabis #letsbake


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