Nutrition Coaching for IBS Sufferers

Are you tired of battling food? Are you sick of belly bloat? Do you have skin issues? Do you feel drained all the time? Do you avoid eating out? Do you dread your period because it’ll spark a flare-up?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, please know that you’re not alone. IBS is one of the most common digestive issues in the world, and it affects three times as many women as men. But, it is possible to live symptoms-free. I know because after decades of suffering, I do, and I want to empower you by teaching you how to live pain-free, bloat-free and symptom-free, too.

I’m in my 40s now, and have been living with IBS all my life. In the last five years, I have transformed my health through a program of fitness and nutrition that ensures I can avoid flare-ups. It’s not possible to cure IBS but it is possible to improve your gut health to the point that flare-ups become predictable, and rare.

These days, I’m so in tune with my body, I can instantly tell how a given food will affect me, and whether or not I can eat it. If a flare-up does occur, I know exactly what to do to manage it, and mitigate both its length and severity. Most important of all, I have a connection to my gut feelings, which guides me away from stress and leads me to activities that make me smile.

You see IBS is not just about the food you eat, which is why a change in diet often isn’t enough to completely alleviate symptoms. To properly treat IBS, it’s essential to develop a deep relationship with the gut, not only learning to understand its biological rhythms but also how to connect on an emotional level so that your life is aligned with your instincts, and who you really are.

IBS is a condition that demands extreme self-care and the discovery process is a unique journey into the self. You already possess the power to heal yourself, and I want to empower you by teaching you how to access it. My coaching program teaches you how to listen to your gut and value your wellbeing above all else.

My Coaching Style

I help you find your healing superpowers.

Just as no two IBS sufferers are the same, no two coaches are the same. But a good coach knows her strengths so well, she knows who she can help, and seeks out the right clients who will benefit most from her expertise. In short, she knows her superpower. My superpower is IBS. Because I’ve been dealing with it all my life, and have spent the last 20 years trying to first figure what the heck it is, how to treat it, and later, how to eliminate symptoms, I can say with confidence that I’m an expert in this field.

But being an expert isn’t enough to be a good coach. If I can’t communicate what I’ve learned, or motivate you to try new things, then I’m not doing a good job. That said, experience has shown me that IBS sufferers are slow to try new things, and for a very good reason! We never know how a given food might affect us, and we live in constant fear of a flare-up. New things are not welcome in the life of an IBS sufferer because we need life to be as calm as possible to avoid pain and discomfort.

Because I’ve lived with this fear for so many years, my coaching style is based on understanding, skill building, collaboration, and practicing what I preach. I’ll explain in a little more detail what I mean by that:


No one is more fragile than an IBS sufferer. Many of us feel abandoned by the medical profession, and like our bodies are rebelling against us. We’ve tried all sorts of solutions only to find none of them work, and flare-ups remain a constant part of life so much so we have a second wardrobe to cope with fat and bloated days. That said, each IBS sufferer has her own specific experience and it’s my job to understand it. Through understanding, I want to show you that I get you; care about what makes you tick, and what’s most important to you today.

Skill Building

A lot of times when we receive new information about our health, we think, oh yes, that makes sense, and then we file it away in the back of minds because we have no idea how to apply to our day-to-day lives. Or, we know what to do but we can’t seem to generate the motivation to do it. Or, we do it for a few days until old habits seep back in. What we forget is that every piece of information can potentially lead to a new skill but only if we create the right environment to allow it to grow. I teach you how to build that environment and put measures in place to help you see real results.


I know about IBS and how to manage its symptoms. I know about nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet that fuels your mind and body without causing a flare-up. I know how to work out, grow muscles, lose and maintain weight. However, you may need more information than that, and in those cases, I can refer you to one of the experts in my network to help you get the answers you need. In order to guarantee you the results you want, I have to be honest about the ways in which I can and can’t help. If I can’t help you, I will refer you to a professional who can.

Practice What I Preach

I am many things: an IBS sufferer, nutritionist, and weight trainer; writer, reader, baker and dog owner; expat, narcissistic abuse survivor and cannabis user. All of these experiences shape me in some way, and inform my limiting factors. We all have limiting factors stemming from past experiences, and it’s up to us to evolve past them, to find strength in our weaknesses, to embrace our vulnerabilities. Achieving this is a daily practice, and if I’m not committed to my daily healing practice, I have no right to be helping anyone else.

How Does The Program Work?

Free One-Hour Consultation

Because no two IBS sufferers are the same, I begin my coaching program with a free one-hour consultation to identify if we’re a good fit. It’s really important to gauge our connection before working together, as any feelings of hesitation will impede your ability to heal.

Choose the Package to Suit You

If after that consultation, we agree that we’re a good fit, we’ll then discuss your medical history, eating habits, and lifestyle so that I can assess where you are now on your health scale. We’ll discuss FODMAPs and identify how your diet aligns with these guidelines. Please note that I am an advocate of the FODMAP diet, and recommend it as a good place to start for every IBS sufferer.

However, because no two IBS sufferers are the same, ultimately, it will be up to you to decide how much coaching you need, and how long you want to invest in a nutritional program. Depending on your level of need, I offer two different programs, ranging from a starter pack, which will begin the process of eliminating symptoms, right through to a more advanced option, which gives you the tools to transform your body for life.

Coaching Programs

1. Gut Introduction & Reframing

(1 to 3 months; €245 per month)

Identify your food triggers and develop healthy eating habits

You will learn how to:

  • Eliminate belly bloat
  • Control flare-ups
  • Eat without a worry
  • Eat to feel nourished and have energy
  • Experiment with new tastes

2. Gut Connection & Value Alignment

(3 to 6 months; €245 per month)

Rewrite your food story and transform your body

You will learn how to:

  • Find the source of your food anxiety
  • Find skills to deal with your food anxiety
  • Find a sleep schedule that works
  • Find a social schedule that works
  • Find medication, if needed

To identify the right program for you, get in touch today for a FREE CONSULTATION.