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Wanna be the cannabis brand on everyone’s lips?

If you’re a cannabis brand that wants to connect with the fastest-growing markets in cannabis, let’s talk about creating a content campaign that gets people buzzing, grows your list and cultivates sales.

How do you stand out in a crowded space?

When you go to a party where no one knows you, do you expect people to rush up to find out who you are when you arrive? No, right? But what if you let them know in advance you’re coming and you’re bringing party favours, pre-rolls, pollen, concentrate, infused brews and brownies? Think you’ll get a different reaction? In marketing parlance, how you let them know is your communications strategy.

Identify your target audience

No brand appeals to everyone, and no brand should try. The most important question to ask before formulating a communications strategy for YOUR brand is WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? Improved data in the cannabis industry is revealing customer behaviours that shape the communications strategies of forward-thinking cannabis brands.

Know your target audience

Today, Women and Boomers are the fastest growing markets in cannabis, with Boomers set to overtake Millennials as the biggest spenders in the space. While Boomers are retired and into long-form content, what appeals to women varies across age groups with Gen Xers big into magazines and television, and Millennials open to messaging on a variety of digital platforms.

Build buzzier content

By clearly identifying your audience, the range of communication tools that grabs eyes for your brand becomes obvious. That said there’s one communication tool that’s popular across all demographics. That tool is email. Hands down, your email list is the best way to get your customers buzzing about your brand and clicking on your offers. Here are some of the advantages of email:

Why Email?

You’re invited

Fact is if you’re in someone’s inbox, they invited you there, you’ve got their attention, they want to know more. And even if some of your subscribers unsubscribe, that’s a good thing – it means the people who stay really like you and definitely want to know more. This is the seed of brand loyalty.

We’re all addicted to email

When’s the last time you went a full 24 hours without checking your email? Let me rephrase that: have you ever gone a full 24 hours without checking your email? Even when you promised yourself a break, you probably took a peak – just a quickie – and ended up in your inbox for hours.

According to a 2016 Forbes article, 78% of people check their email throughout the day and 66% do so first thing in the morning. That’s not all: 78% of people check their email in the loo, 42% read emails in bed, and 15% scan their inbox at a funeral. Yep, addicted.

You get to be YOU

If you’re in cannabis, chances are you’ve got a stellar story to share that the world needs to hear. Because no one wakes up one day and thinks, mmm, think I fancy starting a business in a space that’s a legal hell-hole, hammered by stigma and rife with controversy. At least, not anyone in their right mind. Admit it, you’re unique. Let your customers know.

You get to be honest

Authenticity has been a buzzword in marketing for a few years now but we all know people are about as authentic online as a used car dealer on crack. (Calm down, ed, that’s a bit much.) What people are after online is ATTENTION. When you email your subscriber, you’ve already got their attention (ahem, assuming you’ve got a dank copywriter on board who knows how to write killer subject lines.)

That means you can do away with the bells and whistles and tell it like it is, the good, the bad and the gloriously ugly. Subscribers want to hear about your challenges and how you overcome them – it makes you human, and believe it or not, that’s a good thing, it’s a story, and people love stories.

Instagram is gone

Yes, there was a time way back in 2017 when every dealer and their granny was shifting bud on the gram but those days are in the rearview. Lord Zuck got stuck in and cleaned up the shop, meaning that even a whiff of green gets the IG patrol squad on the case and banning accounts faster than you can spark a blunt.

Email is distraction-free

No pings, no competing posts, no emojis, no comments, no aimless scrolling, no chat-box, no random requests, none of those social media hi-jinks to interrupt a quiet moment between you and your customer. This is what you might call an intimate relationship – which leads nicely to my next point:

Size doesn’t matter

So your email list is small, minute, microscopic, all the better. That means you’ve got a small but loyal following and can test a variety of fun offers on them to find out what works. As your list grows, it will be easier to manage because you already know what turns your subscribers into loyal customers.


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