The Art of Cooking with Cannabis Is Not Hard to Master

The first time I decarbed five grams of bud I burned it black. I’m happy to report it was still okay to smoke but impossible to cook anything with it. I quickly learned that my oven was too hot for the purpose and adjusted it accordingly. The first time I made cannabutter the same thing happened: black butter, though it was edible and had a potent kick.

The thing is it’s not enough to turn the temperature down low to ensure the right results when cooking with cannabis; you have to get it right. If the temperature is too low, you won’t activate the THCA, and your edibles will have no oomph. I can’t tell you what temperature to use because every oven is different. This is a matter of trial and error.

The best guide I can give is: consistent warmth that’s not too hot, somewhere in between 80 and 100 degrees celsius. If your bud is dry, or old, make sure to keep it at a lower temperature as it will easily burn. (I have a jar of black herb that proves this.) Set the timer for 15 minutes. Some books recommend longer decarb times but I find this is enough. You’ll know you’re on the right track if your kitchen fills up with a sweet grassy scent.

Cannabutter is super easy once you know how so don’t be deterred if your first few attempts don’t work. Besides getting the temperature right, your most important piece of equipment is going to be cheesecloth. It’s possible to buy it in strainer form, which makes things incredibly easy when it comes to separating your bud from your butter, leaving you with a creamy grain free spread.

What you’ll need:

  • Large Pot
  • Wooden Ladle
  • 5 grams of Weed
  • 100 – 125 grams of Unsalted Butter
  • Cheesecloth Strainer
  • Large Glass Jar

What to do:

Melt the butter slowly in a glass bowl submerged in a large pot of water. When it’s melted, add the decarbed weed. Keep the pot on a low heat, stirring continuously for an hour and a half. Do not let it overheat. Keep stirring. Yes, I know it’s boring, but it’s worth it.

Why not listen to a podcast while you wait? I can recommend Stoner, RISK!, Ear Hustle, and Under the Skin with Russell Brand, though not all of his podcasts ‘cause he loves the sound of himself too much, and at times needs to shut up so his guests can talk.

When the time is up, strain the butter into the jar. While hot it will be dark but when it cools, it will have a green colour a chocolate scent. Cannabutter can be eaten straight away but better to let it cool down so you don’t burn your wee tongue. If you can’t wait and want to eat it hot, dip some sourdough bread in it! Yum!

Pro Tip: Don’t eat this before you have anything too active to do, unless you want this to happen.

Published by The Healthy Hashhead

The Healthy Hashhead is a writer, poet, cannabis educator and sports nutritionist, dedicated to spreading the message of the conscious consumption through unique content that speaks to regular users of cannabis.

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